Ali Hall, CPDT-KA – Trainer/Behavior Consultant

Ali Hall, Trainer/Behavior Consultant

Ali Hall, Trainer/Behavior Consultant

A graduate of Rutgers University, Ali holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Companion Animal Science. During her schooling, she joined and took part in The Rutgers University Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club for three years. From this experience, Ali gained a vast understanding of puppy development, including the importance of early socialization and careful exposure of young dogs in high-stress environments, basic obedience, and husbandry and care. Ali’s Seeing Eye dog, Nico, graduated from the program and was placed with a virtually impaired individual in Georgia.

During this time, Ali also worked for Best Friends Furr Ever, a pet sitting and dog walking business, and interned at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in Pittstown, NJ, where she provided husbandry to various wild animals including opossums, raccoons, skunks, beavers, woodchucks, red foxes, black bears, and a lynx.

Ali interned and volunteered at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia, PA, where she learned about force free/positive training methods and used operant and classical conditioning to train several types of working canines including police, search and rescue, diabetic alert, and ovarian cancer detection dogs. Additionally, she assisted in training group obedience, agility, and canine fitness, and even taught new interns, volunteers (and even a few police offers!) how to excel in their dog handling and training skills, build confidence, and improve their overall knowledge of animal behavior.

Ali says, “Challenging a dog through training stimulates their minds, makes them happy, and increases the quality of their life. For pet owners, helping them work with their dogs deepens their relationship and solidifies their bond. It is a truly wonderful thing to see.”

Ali has a rescued German Shepherd Dog, Halo, who is sweet, silly, and can be a handful! She is constantly working with Halo on learning new tricks, physical fitness, and helping her manage her fear and anxiety.

Ali is an active member of the Middlesex County Seeing Eye puppy club (aka “Puppy PALS”) and plans to continue raising Seeing Eye puppies. She is also in the process of obtaining her CPDT-KA certification.