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Dog aggression – yes, it’s scary to see your dog act out aggressively, whether it’s to you, another member of your family, a friend, a complete stranger, or even another dog or animal. Dog aggression can range from simply showing teeth to a level 5+ bite that requires emergency medical attention. Team a major bite incident with a stranger or someone’s child and you could easily have a lawsuit on your hands. It’s important to understand that severe dog aggression issues will unlikely resolve on their own and can become much worse over time. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live in fear of or being around your dog for the rest of his or her life.

There are numerous causes of dog aggression with genes, heredity, and improper (or lack of) socialization during a puppy’s developmental stage (8-18 weeks of age) playing big parts. Hormones can also play a role if you have an unneutered male or female in heat. Aggression can also build if the dog has been (or is currently) abused or deals with excessive physical punishment, either from humans or even another dog.

Behavior Modification for Growling, Barking, Lunging, Biting & More

Unfortunately, not many trainers throughout the state of New Jersey will take on severe or advanced dog aggression cases. A lot of trainers simply don’t have the experience working with aggressive dogs, or more importantly, the knowledge of animal behavior and how behavior modification works. Luckily, we do – behavior modification and training is one of our core areas of expertise.

We specialize in advanced problem solving cases including dogs with fear, aggression (towards humans or other dogs), resource guarding, severe anxiety (separation or otherwise), and compulsion disorders. We’ve worked with many dogs that other trainers have deemed “untrainable”, and dogs whose owners were considering euthanasia because they were told he or she was “too far gone”.

Our force-free dog training methods are based on animal behavior learning theory and have been scientifically proven to have greater success and fewer negative consequences than dangerous methods involving force, pain, fear, or intimidation. While not all severe behavior issues are a quick fix, many are easily modifiable as long as you (the owner) remain consistent and diligent with the training protocols and management plans we provide. Our individualized behavior modification plan will help you greatly improve on your dog’s existing issues, allow you to better manage such behaviors, and enjoy a happier, less stressful future with your dog.

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**The above and other extreme behavior issues are taken on a case-by-case basis and need to be discussed at greater length prior to acceptance. Additional considerations, costs, and owner commitments may be required, depending on the type and severity of the problem. If your dog has suddenly developed aggressive behavior, we recommend visiting your veterinarian first to rule out any physical or medical reasons that could be causing a behavior change.**

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