New Jersey (NJ) In-Home Puppy Training

Wookie, a German Shepherd Dog and JSD puppy client

Puppy kindergarten group training classes are great for socialization, but lack the specialized training that’s important for puppies, especially when it comes to certain breeds like Akitas, German Shepherds, Labradors, Huskies, and even Chihuahuas. Since different breeds have their own unique needs (simply based on genetics), we recommend puppy kindergarten classes AND one-on-one training to ensure a lifetime of success with your new pup.

Getting your puppy trained and acclimated to its new home environment can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Nobody wants to clean up accidents, constantly fix or buy new furniture due to unwanted chewing, or even worse, strap on a bark collar due to excessive barking. Let us help lay the foundation to make sure your puppy will be successful as he or she grows into an adult dog. Our puppy training program is tailored to your pup’s breed, specific needs (genetically, behaviorally, and developmentally) and your personal lifestyle.

Our puppy training sessions cover:
• Understanding how dogs learn (the basics of learning theory)
• Basic behaviors (sit, down)
• Intermediate behaviors (stay, wait, leave it, drop it, come when called/recall)
• Handling and confidence building (great for meeting strangers, vet/groomer visits)
• General manners (no more nipping/mouthing, chewing, or jumping up)
• Target training (touch and “go to your mat” exercises)
• Loose leash walking/heeling
• House training 101

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Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about our 6-week puppy kindergarten classesclick here for the current class schedule and enrollment requirements.

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