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Petco – January 2020
What to Do if My Puppy Seems to Be Regressing in Training
If your dog or puppy seems to be regressing in training, it’s important to step back and consider all possible causes to find the best solution for getting back on track.

Monmouth Health & Life – September 2019
Best of Monmouth 2019: Home & Personal Services
Jersey Shore Dogs Wins Best Dog Training!

Monmouth Health & Life – September 2018
Best of Monmouth 2018: Home & Personal Services
Jersey Shore Dogs Wins Best Dog Training! – December 6, 2017
Pet Sitter Checklist: Prepping for Pet Care While You’re Away
Tips to help you prep for a pet sitter.

Asbury Park Press – October 2017
Best of the Best 2017 Readers’ Choice: Monmouth County
Jersey Shore Dogs Recognized as One of the Best in Pet Services!

CCPDT Fall Newsletter – October 6, 2017
Enrichment for Dogs: What’s the Endgame?
Matt and his wife, Angela (owner of SnuffleMutt snuffle mats), discuss the goal of doing enrichment activities with dogs.

Asbury Park Press – October 2016
Best of the Best 2016 Readers’ Choice: Monmouth County
Jersey Shore Dogs Wins “Best of the Best” in Pet Services!

Monmouth Health & Life – August 2016
Best of Monmouth 2016: Best Home & Personal Services in Monmouth County
Jersey Shore Dogs Wins Best Dog Training! – August 13, 2015
How to Train Your Dog – From Pup to Senior Dog and Everything in Between!
10 expert tips for training a dog of any age.

NJ 101.5 – June 14, 2015
What to Do When Facing a Possible Dog Attack
What to do if you are confronted with a potentially dangerous dog.

Home News Tribune – October 23, 2014
Best of Middlesex County 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards
Jersey Shore Dogs Recognized as One of the Best in Pet Services!

Dog Fancy – January 2014
Cabin Fever Cures for Dogs
Ways to keep your dog exercised, both mentally and physically, during the winter season.

Keep the Tail Wagging – January 14, 2013
Dog Walking Tips
Be prepared and treat for good behavior…

Keep the Tail Wagging – December 18, 2012
Tips on Preventing Separation Anxiety With Your Dog
To help prevent separation anxiety, start training puppies and older dogs the first day in their new home.

Keep the Tail Wagging – November 30, 2012
How to Stuff a Kong – Another Treat For Your Dog’s Kong Toy
Matt’s Kong stuffing recipe is featured in the “How to Stuff a Kong” series

Home News Tribune – October 18, 2012
Best of Middlesex County 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards
Jersey Shore Dogs Wins “Best of the Best” in Pet Services!

Press Release – July 16, 2012
Jersey Shore Dogs Helps Husky House Expand Services with Group Classes
Positive Reinforcement-Based Puppy Kindergarten Group Classes Now Offered to NJ Dog Owners

Jersey Dog – March 22, 2012
Trouble at the Dog Park: A Dog Trainer Responds
Matt responds to a reader’s question about what to do when encountering an irresponsible owner at the dog park.

Press Release – March 12, 2012
Jersey Shore Dogs to Exhibit at Largest East Coast Pet Industry Trade Show
Positive Reinforcement-Based Dog Training Company Sponsors World Famous RIN TIN TIN

Tails Magazine – November 1, 2011
Ask the Trainer with Matthew Tuzzo of Jersey Shore Dogs
Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

CityDog Magazine – Fall 2011 Issue
Acclimating Canines (pg. 10)
Tips to help your dog become more comfortable in his/her new surroundings when moving into a new home.

FIDOFriendly Blog – September 1, 2011
How to Acclimate Your Dog to a New Home Environment
Moving into a new home or apartment can be exciting, but very stressful, especially when it comes to acclimating your pet to a new environment. The good news is the process for introducing a dog into a new home is very similar to doing an introduction with a new puppy.

FIDOFriendly Blog – August 1, 2011
Tips From Dog Trainer for Potential Dog Owners
As a new or potential dog owner, there are several things you should take into consideration before buying or adopting a new puppy or adult dog. – June 28, 2011
Pet Pro Profile: Matt Tuzzo of Jersey Shore Dogs, LLC
As dog lovers, we all want our dogs to have the best possible life. Among other things, this means that we have a responsibility for making sure that our pets are well trained.

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